About In Short Direct Marketing

In 1994 Elizabeth Slater founded In Short Direct Marketing to steer wineries and winery associations into, what was then, a much-overlooked avenue for successful promotion and sales: marketing products directly to the end user.

In Short Direct Marketing is now recognized throughout North America as an authority on marketing wines, wineries and wine regions to consumers. The company, still led by Elizabeth Slater (or “E” as she is widely known), has grown into a loosely formed alliance of marketers, public relations and design professionals that tackle all different types of marketing (with the emphasis on direct marketing), public relations and design projects for a number of clients.

Elizabeth focuses most of her efforts on seminars and workshops, which are presented on a variety of marketing and sales subjects to wineries and winery associations throughout North America.

In addition to presentations, the company works with individual clients (wineries and associations large and small) on a range of marketing and public relations projects including creating marketing plans, formulating image and market position, goal setting, strategic planning, developing infrastructure and construction of events.


2 comments on “About In Short Direct Marketing

  1. Thank you Elizabeth, for all your great advice and encouragement during the Midwest Grape and Wine Conference. Please send handouts you think will be helpful. I have left with so much to think about, Im not sure where to begin…

  2. BBwine says:

    When are you coming to Washington, specifically Woodinville? What seminars are you offering?

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