Don’t Forget The Wine!

One of the things I say most often in my seminars for wineries and wine associations is, “It’s not all about the wine.”  So today’s blog is a little different, in that I have noticed, when I go to winery events, that the wine seems to get lost in the mix of the food, entertainment and everything else that goes along with the event.

There are a few things we should do to keep the product as the main focus in guests’ minds:

  1. Have printed information and an order form available for attendees
  2. Provide your staff members with talking points they can use
  3. As an owner and/or winemaker be available and visible to guests.

Printed Information

During any event, but especially when you are participating in a multi-winery event, have an information sheet or brochure available for the event attendees. An information piece they take home with them will make your winery and your products more memorable.

Talking Points

At an event, we don’t want to overwhelm the guests with in-depth talk about the wine or the vineyards. However, at each tasting station or in the pouring areas, we should say a couple of things about the wine, even if the staff members just tell the guests how good the wine is. You could use a snippet of non-technical information about quality or food pairings. For example: “Have you ever tried this wine with a burger? It’s delicious.” Or, “A glass of this wine on a lazy afternoon is perfect.”


Everyone should be wearing a name badge – and especially the owner(s) and winemakers.

Those are the people that your guests want to meet if they don’t know them, or to say hello to, if they do. Their job is to shake hands with and talk to as many people as they can. I know that’s not easy for some, but it goes along with the job of owner or winemaker.

The guests rate the experience higher if they have the opportunity to speak to the owner or winemaker and they are more likely to buy wine when they have met them. Remember that meeting and speaking to the owner and/or winemaker gives them bragging rights with their friends.

So make your events more successful and more profitable.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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