Tell Stories to Connect With Customers

I was wine tasting recently and went to several different wineries in the course of one day. The wines were good, actually very good, no complaints about the wines at all.  The hard part for me was that the experience was the same at most of the wineries I visited. I was told about the wines, how it was going to taste, where the grapes were grown and that was about it.

Stories of the business, the owners, the passion, the history or the reason for the existence of any particular winery were basically non-existent.

We connect to people through stories. We are known to the world by the stories that we tell. So please, tell me your story and I will remember you, your products and your people. I will give you a place in my mind and tell others about you and your wines.

Tell your stories well. Bring the people, places, products and events in your stories to life. When you tell them well your audience will see and experience the story in their minds. They will then retell your story to others. It’s great marketing and it doesn’t cost much at all. Just some time learning to tell your stories in interesting ways.

Keep the stories simple when you first start, you can add more details and complexity as you get more used to telling stories. Not too many details though, as it’s easy for people to get lost in the details.

Make sure the story has a point and a message for your customers to take with them. Add a little humor; when people start laughing they start listening more because they are listening for the next laugh.

Always be checking that your audience is still interested. If your audience is getting glassy eyed, it’s time to come quickly to the end of your story or ask some questions of the people you are talking to.

Lastly, give your audience the chance to tell you a story or two. Talk about wine a little bit less and let your customers talk a little more and you will sell more wine.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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