What Does D.T.C. Mean?


The acronym D.T.C. (direct to consumer) is ubiquitous these days. It’s hard to read anything about marketing or business without the words D.T.C. being a big part of it. In order to sell your product directly to consumers successfully, D.T.C. needs to mean a lot of other things to your business, to your staff and to the way you do business.


When you are creating marketing or sales messages, Devise Transparent Content. Make the messages easy and quick to understand. If you are creating a billboard to bring people into your business, you have 2 seconds to let them know where to go and why.

According to Hubspot.com, a marketing software company, 55% of people spend less than 15 seconds on your website. Not only that but consumers (including you) are subjected to hundreds of ads and company messages every day. Time is of the essence so make your messages stand out.


When we are talking about the products you sell and how you are going to sell them, through D.T.C. channels, think Determine Targeted Channels. In other words, know how you are going to sell your product and to whom you are going to sell them. Know which channels will work best for you, the ones important to the audience you wish to attract.


How should you be treating your customers and visitors? In this instance D.T.C. may be translated to mean Develop Treasured Customers. If you want to be truly successful selling through D.T.C. channels, focus on your customers, what they need, desire and expect from you. Make them feel as if they are your most important asset because they are.


Finally what is the return on your D.T.C. investment? If you are doing most things right, it could mean Dedication (or Diligence) Turns to Cash. When consumers understand that you are trying to make their life better by bringing them great products sold in a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere, you are well on your way to Doubling The Coffers.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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