Getting the Most Out of Your Email

I came across some great information on using email to its best advantage, a report that was sponsored by Act-On. The overview of the report, which featured 16 marketing experts providing advice on the best use of email, caught my attention. It reminded me, that direct marketing is a consistent winner but somewhat costly, while social and mobile media are full of tricks though you can get tripped up sometimes. However, the report called email the “marketing’s work horse” – always dependable, it supports and connects other channels, it is cost effective and continually evolving.

There are however some pitfalls, which can be overcome if you know what you are doing. In this week’s blog I have picked out what I consider to be some of the most important tips from these experts.

  1. Shooting out email blasts to customers without taking into consideration specific needs and preference only contributes to disengagement. Create emails that are tailored and personalized as much as possible.
  1. Test email designs, frequency and subject lines on multiple devices to make sure that your emails appear on most people’s computers as you would like them to.
  1. Make sure that your audience is receptive to receiving and reading your emails. Know who is and isn’t opening your emails and/or clicking through to your website or ordering site. Sometimes other channels, social media or direct mail are more effective.
  1. Take steps to make sure that the email addresses on your list of customers is up to date to reduce the list of bounce backs. Track bounce backs and update addresses.
  1. Research has found that, when combined with other channels, e.g. social media or direct mail, email can generate response rates up 1.5 to 3.8 times higher than one channel alone.
  1. To stick out on email you must deliver value with a painless customer experience.

It’s not just a matter of sending out emails, it’s knowing your audience. Who are you sending to and what do they want? Would your customers prefer to be contacted by email alone or should you employ a multi-track approach? How effective are are your emails relative to open, click through or buying rates? How long is the impact of your emails (i.e. for how long after an email is sent do you get response or orders?)

Lots to think about, but if you do it right, email can work well and increase your business.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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