Using Emotion to Promote Products

Many times the ads that we see on television, in magazines or on websites or social media focus too much on the features of the product rather than on the emotional components of the benefits of the products.

When you are advertising your products, are you reminding your customers and potential customers of the positive emotional benefits? For example, will buying the product bring your audience pleasure? Will it help them in any way or make their lives easier?

Advertising or marketing to consumers’ emotions can be powerful and effective. The audience becomes more motivated to purchase when their emotions are involved in the process. As human beings we buy because we feel, rather than because we think. Though the intellectual part of the brain has to be engaged, it only comes into play after you have involved the part of the brain that controls the emotions.

Understand what it is that your customers and potential customers want, need and desire and how using your product can meet these needs and desires. Make a list of how your products can make customers look better, feel better, be more sophisticated, give them more confidence or fulfill any other wish they may have.

Consumers buying wine, for example, may want to know how to pair wine and food in order to put together a successful dinner party for their friends. They may wish to know some less well-known facts in order to impress their friends with their knowledge. It has been proved through research that restaurants that play classical music are likely to sell more wine as the combination of the music and the wine make consumers feel more sophisticated or worldly. While you may be giving them facts, the reason behind the need for the facts is emotional.

So before you plan your next social media post, print advertisement or email for your customers and potential customers thing about how you can attract emotionally, as people may not remember what you said but will remember how you made them feel.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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