Let’s Start a Wine Club!

Over the years, it seems that everyone is getting into the wine club business. A friend of mine just received a flyer from Southwest Airlines. The company has partnered (it would seem) with an online wine club and is encouraging him to join. He can get “12 top estate wines for only $69.99…a gift of three very highly rated bottles ($47.97) value and 2,000 Rapids Rewards points,” The Reward Points will be added to his Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards account. If my friend stays as a member of the club he will receive a case of wine every three months and have an additional 1000 miles added to his Southwest Rapid Rewards card for each shipment he takes.

This is one more way for airlines and others to make having their loyalty cards even more rewarding. In addition of Southwest offer through Laithwaites, there is a Virgin Wine Club, were purchasers are also rewarded with air miles, the Wall Street Journal Wine Club and many, many more. There are many magazines that also run wine clubs, including Sunset, Rolling Stone, Touring & Tasting, The Nation and many more.

Consumers have lots of choices when it comes to wine clubs and the big companies have a lot more money to advertise and promote their clubs than you do. Take an hour and get on the internet to check out what they are offering to promote their wine clubs. You may come up with some new ideas to promote your clubs, offers, and benefits.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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