Adventures In Moving

As a mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have been in the process of moving for the last few weeks. Well, it’s finally over; everything is moved and I am now in the process of unpacking. Of course, I have no idea where anything is.

I went through what I am now calling the three stages of moving. The first stage is when you are first thinking about packing, you walk around the house looking at the things you are so fond of and wonder how an earth you can get rid of them. Stage two is when you have started packing and you realize that there are things that you don’t really have to keep and you start to let things go. The final stage, stage three is as you are packing up the last third of the house, at which time, you look at everything that is left to pack and say, “I don’t care, just get rid of all of it.”

Now that I am working on the unpacking I have a feeling that as I start to run out of room it will be easier to let things go. I don’t actually need things to remember the good times though perhaps I should write a few things down in case I forget, as I get older.

However, that is not the biggest lesson from my move. I called the Salvation Army to come along with a truck as I had a number of things to donate. I won’t have as much room as I did before so needed to downsize a bit.

The two young men on the Salvation Army truck were really great. They were pleasant and engaging, cheerful and happy to help. They chatted as they loaded up the furniture and managed to get everything on the truck even though they were only supposed to pick up the number of boxes that I said I would have. They came out twice to pick things up and each time it was a pleasure to see them. I cannot say enough good things about them. It’s amazing where you can find great customer service.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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