What Are You Actually Selling?

It’s easy to think that in any type of retail business, salespeople are there to sell the product… but that is the last part of the sell. Before you can sell the product you have to sell yourself and you should be selling the concept of how your product will make the customer’s life a little bit better, easier or more enjoyable.

Before you meet any customers, put yourself in their shoes. Know generally who they are and what they are looking for. Your customers have a wide choice of products and no shortage of businesses to buy them from, so unless your product is truly unique (you are the only company in the world that is making this product) you are not the only place in the area where they can buy it. It’s up to you to make sure that you are the one they buy from.

At the beginning of your interaction with the customer, you should focus on the customer and what s/he wants, needs and desires. Keep in mind that each customer is an individual, with their own way of looking at the world and your products. Start by asking questions to ascertain what this customer is looking for. Did they come into your retail room because they already know and like your product, because someone told them about the business or just by happenstance? Having this information will give you insight into their level of interest in the company and the products and the approaches you should take to increase their interest.

Continue to ask questions that will give you the information as to their familiarity with the product in general and your company and products in particular. Showing interest in and enthusiasm for the customers makes it easier for them to like you and enjoy the interaction.

As you chat, bring information about the products into the conversation, in a relaxed way, without overwhelming the customer with too many facts. Give them something amusing or intriguing to remember about the product, so they will tell their friends about it next time they all get together.

Making the sale is easy if your focus is the customer rather than the product.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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