As you can see, my blog is a day late this week. I would like to present some impressive reason why I didn’t get my blog out in time, but the truth is… I forgot. I got my days mixed up and ended up thinking that Wednesday was Tuesday.

Sorry for the mistake but, fortunately, there was no real harm done. It reminded me that making a mistake, especially a small one is just a part of being human. And it doesn’t do any good beating oneself over the head.

Many years ago, when I was twenty years old and in college, I worked part-time on the order desk for a chemical company in Los Angeles. Our clients were very large tire companies, cosmetic companies and many others. One day I sent a truck and trailer load of the wrong chemical to a large company. They had to shut their production line down for a couple of days, sending a lot of workers home until we could get them the right chemicals. It was absolutely my fault and when the Vice President came around asking who had done this, I immediately admitted it (there was no way around this one). Amazingly enough, I was not fired.

The lesson for me as I grew older is that, short of killing someone, there is nothing that I am likely to do in my lifetime that will cause a larger problem, cost more money and affect so many people as the mistake I made early in life.

Making this big of a blunder at such a young age has left me free to make many mistakes during my life, as I doubt that I can top that one. I have taken full advantage of this.

Following the adage of, “You can only fail, if you don’t try,” forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Give yourself the freedom to make as many mistakes as you can, as long as you don’t continue to make the same mistakes over and over. Allowing yourself the same leeway you allow others will make life a lot better.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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