Improving the Odds of Making Sales

I know that I have in the past harped on the concept of saying less about the wine and finding out more about the people. Here are some handy hints about how to do that.

The Comfort Factor

Make visitors feel that they are important to you. Let them know that you care about them as individuals and not just as buyers.

Give guests individual attention; I know that it becomes more difficult the busier the retail room is. Track the hours that you are the busiest and bring in some additional staff.

Solicit guests’ opinions of the wines and your other offerings.

Make visitors comfortable enough so that they want to make you happy.

Activate the Need to Reciprocate

Allow visitors to taste a wine that is not usually available. Show them the cellar. Make a dinner reservation for them. Give visitors an extra taste or waive the tasting fee.

One of people’s most basic urges is to reciprocate whenever someone has done something nice for us. The simplest way for visitors to reciprocate is for them to buy.

Have Information Available

Visitors will internalize your messages more easily if they both hear and see them. Hand visitors information on the wines being served, being careful hot to tell them what the wine will taste like. Tell them what they may find in the wine. Include the price of the wine and the wine club price. Tell visitors what you are offering.

Make It Easy to Purchase

Handing visitors an order form and a pen with a spoken request for the sale improves your chances of visitors purchasing.

Use Your Individuality, but Tone It Down

The visitor should always be the focus and you should the visitors enough time to talk if they wish. Allow them time to ask questions. Allow them time to impress you with their knowledge.

Make Positive Comments about Visitors

Compliment visitors in an authentic way on their wine knowledge, palate, jewelry, wine preferences, how pleased you are that they came to the winery or how happy you are to see them again.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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