Objective or Subjective? How Are You Selling?

Yesterday’s tip on Facebook touched on the difference between customer preference for objective or subjective information when considering a purchase.

The preference for objective information relates to the facts about the product, how it is produced, where it is produced, any third party endorsements and the education or expertise of the person who made it. Those are just a few of the things that might sway an objectively directed customer into purchasing your product.

On the other hand, the customer who relates to subjective information is more likely to want to know about personal perspectives, opinions and feelings. Their method of buying is more emotional than intellectual.

Of course many customers like a little bit of both objective and subjective information in order to make the purchase. However, one or the other, either objective or subjective tips the scales for them. For instance, how many times do you buy something from someone you really don’t care for? How we feel about the person serving us has a great deal to do with how we feel about the product if we are looking from the subjective point of view.

So what can you do to discover how people want to be sold when you are presenting your products, services or other offering to first-time customers? The first thing to do is to listen. Do your customers ask you for subjective or objective information? There are many different questions that customers may ask you that will help you to figure out whether they are looking for subjective or objective information.
For example: How many awards have you won? (objective) or What do you like? (subjective) Tell me about your quality? (objective) or Do a lot of people buy this product? (subjective)

Focusing on the type of information your customer is asking for will help you tailor your conversation to what is most important to them. So listen hard to determine how you want to be sold and respond to the questions they have asked you.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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