Surviving a Family Business

A one-day conference, June 16th, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 pm. at Shone Farm, Forestville (Sonoma County).

I have worked with many family businesses, both in and out of the wine industry, and have seen the struggles that can result in the loss of the business or even more devastating the breaking up of a family. It’s for this reason that I am producing this one-day conference that will help your business and your family survive and thrive.

A family business presents challenges and opportunities for owners, family members and non-family employees. Compatibility and family relationships can create workplace dynamics that are not found in companies owned by stockholders or run by corporate teams; though creating and building functional teams of employees mixed with family members can be more challenging in family owned businesses. The “Surviving a Family Business” conference will provide insight on managing those workplace dynamics, and practical, real-world advice on managing family members, building intra-personal skills, and creating functional teams.

To give family owned businesses the survival tools they need, I have put together this full-day conference, featuring speakers who not only run family businesses, but are experts in helping others do it also.

Topics and speakers include:

Living The Dream: Running A Family Business

Vision/Strategic Plan (May the Force be With You)
Shared Collaboration & Shared Responsibility (Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe)
Perception Is Everything (Experience the Thrill of Victory & The Agony of Defeat)
People Skills (Yes… Siblings, Children & Parents are People, Too)
Who’s in the Club (In-laws vs. Out-laws)

Speakers – Max & Theresa McFarland – psychologists and educators, conducting workshops in the U.S. Europe and the Pacific Rim and owners of Mac’s Creek Winery, which they run with their sons. 


Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

The art of the win/win, rather than the win/lose
Creating functioning teams and real teamwork

Seeing family members for who they are today, not for who they used to be
Understanding the big picture and everyone’s place in it
Best choices for business, family and employees

Speaker – Terry Taylor, CEO of Global Genesis, a family owned and run company and psychologist working around the world with corporate clients and small businesses teaching the arts of negotiation and conflict resolution.


Integrating & Retaining Employees & Family Members in Your Family Business

Establish Boundaries, Policies & Procedures
Define Roles & Expectations
Rewards for Family and Non-Family Employees
Promotion & Advancement

Speakers – A panel of highly respected speakers who work with a myriad of family business in a variety of industries including Barney Barnett and Jennifer Tincknell speaking to the topic of integrating family and non-family employees.


For registration or more information go to

Or you may call me at 707.953.1289 or email at

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One comment on “Surviving a Family Business

  1. Karyn H Smith says:

    This is a fantastic conference. Wish I was on the West Coast to attend this one.

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