Guerrilla Marketing for Locals

At all times during the year it’s great to have local people frequent your business, buy product and bring their friends. It’s particularly important during the slow times, as the local people can boost sales at times when tourists are thin on the ground.

I have a friend who owned a bookstore and a restaurant at the same time and in the same small town. We were talking about running a small business and how hard it can be, at times, to get publicity for a small business with the local newspaper or magazines.

Jack told me what he used to do. When he needed part time help in the bookstore he would hire reporters from the local newspaper or writers for local magazines. Many reporters who work for small town publications are part time and are not getting paid a lot of money so are in need of an additional part time job to boost their income.

A part time job in a bookstore is perfect for someone who likes to write. It was also perfect for Jack and his bookstore as they also regularly mentioned the bookstore in the newspaper or magazine for which they worked. He had people working for him who were passionate about his product and effectively publicized his business to locals. It certainly doesn’t hurt to throw an ad in once in a while as well.

Another way to get local attention is to call in to local talk radio shows with comments or questions. When they give out the phone number and ask listeners to call in, pick up the phone. Make your comments interesting and, if you get a chance, mention your business name or the type of business you have. You never know, you may end up with an interview or become a resource for the radio station. The same goes for the local newspaper, become a regular contributor to the “Letters to the Editor” section.

You may also talk about your contributions to local media on your social media sites. Something you say may get picked up nationally or even internationally.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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