Put Yourself Out There!

Some wineries seem to be the go to businesses when reporters (whether television, radio, newspaper or internet) need a quote from a winery about something of general interest that’s happening in the wine business.

This isn’t just happenstance, many times the winery has developed a personal relationship with reporters, a personal relationship that works for all of them.

What does it take to develop these person relationships? It’s very similar to developing relationships with your customers. You must know what the person likes and how you can help them. You must also be familiar with what they do, the column or blog or types of stories they write, or the program they present (whether it’s TV, radio or video). In short, do your research on who they are and what they are likely to want.

If it’s television or radio you should also know the name of the producers on the show. You can do this by picking up the phone and asking. If you want to pitch an idea to this person be sure to tell them what they will see and hear. Before you call you already know that it’s a subject that will interest them and be right for the show. Regional programs are always looking for experts, so if you have expertise in a certain area, let them know, this is not the time to be modest.

Once you have talked to them, be ready with a strong email pitch for a story that will be of interest to their audience (the release of a new wine, is not going to catch any attention). Make sure the information is on your social media pages (especially LinkedIn) in case they are looking for you.

If you are invited to sit down with a reporter producer it won’t hurt to take a couple of bottles of wine with you.

A tip of the glass from me to you!e_T4Q6892 low-res -c bw s


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