Are you Ready for the Biggest Shopping Weekend of the Year?

It’s November already and we are quickly coming up to the holidays. Your customers are already thinking about gift giving and what they will need for their own festivities. Consumers are primed to buy and just need you to let them know that your products will fill the bill.

As we get close to Black Friday (November 28th), the kick off to the holiday buying season, are you ready? And not only for Black Friday; for those of you who are small businesses (most of the wine industry), what are you doing for Small Business Saturday? According to an article I read on, in 2013 consumers spent $5.7 billion at independent retailers on this day. So, what are you doing to make sure you get your share of that $5.7 billion?

And we haven’t even got to Cyber Monday (Dec. 1st) yet!

What have you got planned for these three days? Many wineries choose the Thanksgiving weekend to host an open house, as people like to be out and about that weekend. Lots of your customers will have family in town, so encourage them to bring family members with them to the winery. You might even want to offer “Wine Club for a Day” opportunities for your wine club member’s guests. For one day only they can redeem a coupon that entitles them to wine club discounts or to buy special wines that are usually reserved for wine club members only.

You may also wish to style your business as the anti-mall. Instead of visiting a crowded mall they can come and relax at the winery where you will have special tastings, food pairings and possibly some preferential pricing on certain items.

Start getting the information out through your social media, emails and any other ways that your customers and visitors use to find you.

A tip of the glass from me to you, and happy Guy Fawkes Day to all of you today! e_T4Q6892 low-res -c bw s


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