Conveying Information to Consumers

If you want to engage and connect successfully with customers, as a  tasting room employee, you need to quickly intuit what information individual visitors want or expect and tailor the information you present to the wants of the visitor. You can learn what visitors want by asking questions. Create a list of questions that can be asked of visitors, to discern their level of interest in wine, viticulture, winemaking, attending events or other wine related topics, and their level of wine knowledge.

Of course, there are certain things that you want to make sure that every visitor knows before they leave your business. These are the three things that are the most important for the world to know about your business.

Except for the three things you want the world to know about your business, you don’t have to convey the same information every time. Diversity of information makes it more interesting for the people listening, as the information does not seem stale, which it may when your server is saying the same thing time and time again. When varying the information the person talking is more animated and excited about what they are saying.

Take a time out every so often for questions or comments from the audience. If no one has any questions, it’s probably time for you to change the subject as you may well have exhausted their interest in the present topic. If they want to know more, they will tell you.

Keep in mind that the reason people buy is because they feel, not because they think. By talking about the things that they want to talk and learn about, rather than what you want or have been told to tell them, they will become more engaged and connected with you and the winery, which leads to an increase in sales and long term customers.

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