More from Conrad Hilton

Conrad Hilton was very involved with his staff and how they treated the customers. He even asked his employees to adhere to his personal guidelines for success, which he outlined for them.

These guidelines were as much for the well-being and growth of his employees as they were for treatment of guests. He wanted his employees to be happy, as he believed that happy employees make for happy customers. Some of the guidelines he passed down:

Find your own particular talent

Be big

Be honest

Live with enthusiasm

Don’t let your possessions possess you

Don’t worry about your problems

Look up to people when you can – down to no one

Don’t cling to the past

Assume your full share of responsibility in the world…

Hilton encouraged his employees to grow personally, as well as increase their skills and talents on the job. He was interested in the welfare of his employees and even as the company grew he made efforts to get to know his staff personally and remember something about individual employees and their families.

I know, as businesses get bigger, it is harder to spend time with the staff but it is even more important to do so. A show of interest or positive words from an owner or high- level employee can make a big difference in the attitude of the employee. People feel good when they are noticed. I remember talking to an employee of a very large winery who received a hand written note from the president of the company after she had gone out of her way to help a customer and the customer sent a letter of thanks. It made a big difference to the staff member and it cost only a few minutes of the president’s time to write the note.

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