UnBuyer’s Remorse

Most of us (probably all) have heard of buyer’s remorse. The times when you buy something (usually something expensive or a large purchase, such as a new car, new house, expensive jewelry, etc.) and then regret having bought it. Have you ever stopped to think about “unbuyer’s remorse,” which is the feeling you get when you didn’t buy something and then can’t or don’t go back to buy it later?

The term unbuyer’s remorse I learned from Craig Dunn at Black Mesa Winery, when I was describing the feeling people get when they get home from their holidays and realize they really wished that they had bought wine from the winery they were visiting. Of course, in typical human fashion, instead of rectifying their mistake they just decide that it’s too late to do anything about it now.

Many wineries are located in areas that see plenty of tourists. A part of these visitors’ holiday plan is to visit wineries, though (for whatever reason) they may not buy wine while they are in the winery, though they go home to regret it. So, you might want to remind them, in a casual and humorous way, that they really liked certain wines (you know what wines they particularly liked because you have asked them) that you don’t want them to suffer from “unbuyer’s remorse” when they get home, so you are going to encourage them to buy a few bottles of the ones they liked to be shipped home or take with them. This tactic may be especially useful if you have only small amounts of those wines left, or the wines are not sold in the area in which they live.

Many times visitors want to buy wine from you, they just need you to encourage them to do so. Using the unbuyer’s remorse gambit is a fun and gentle way of promoting the sale. Give it a try and let me know what happens.

A tip of the glass from me to you! e_T4Q6892 low-res -c bw s

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