Are You Using Calls to Action to Increase Sales?

e_T4Q6892 low-res -c bw sI get lots of emails from wineries letting me know about what’s going on with that winery, or about things available for me to purchase. Though, not all these emails include a call to action. Sometimes the emails give customers the facts, but don’t give them any reason to purchase, or if you don’t know your customers well the reasons to buy may not resonate with them. Make sure that the offers you make are appropriate to your customers, which will lead to greater buy in. Also, make sure that your offers match your goals. Know what you’re trying to achieve before you start writing the email.

If you want people to buy, the email needs to include not only why the readers should buy, but also how they should buy. You can use words such as, “Email us “now or “Call us now at…” When you encourage people to call immediately, you have a much greater chance that they will call and they will buy. Once they have closed the email, the chances that they will call and order are slimmer.

You may also get people to take action by reminding them that the offer is in some way limited, either by time, amount available, or in other ways. If your customers know the offer expires quickly, or that there are a limited number of cases available, or that they are receiving this email before it goes out the rest of your list (which is one more perk for wine club members), it can boost sales.

Another way to encourage buying is by not giving the email recipients too many options. Research has shown that people are more likely to buy when they have less to choose from. It makes it easier for the customers to make decisions.

Limited options, easy ways to order and purchase, time limits and strong action words, such as “Buy”, “Call today”, “Place your order online”, “Save”, are all directions you can use to increase your sales.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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