Give Your Customers A Sign

So many businesses don’t give enough consideration to signage, Signage is important, whether it’s outside the door, or on the highway to the directional. That and other signage inside the winery/company can be critical to the overall success of your business.

According to Sapna Budev, of International Sign Association, in an article in, “Best Buy discovered that about 17% of its customers were people who did not intend to stop there but did so specifically because they saw the sign, which is well linked to their brand and overall marketing.

Signs are especially important for new businesses, as research from shows that signs attract half of a start up business’s new customers.

Not only is using signage important, according to Budev it’s also about the look, readability and size of the sign. So here is some information regarding signage.

Color: Use colors that will stand the test of time. Using colors that are too trendy may make your sign look outdated quickly. It has also been shown that 80 percent of trademark recognition is due to its color.

Use contrasting colors to make the signs easy to read. High contrast also helps consumers retain the message or information in the sign.

Size:  Of course the larger the letters the easier the sign is to read. Billboards for example need to be minimal information and large type so people can see them as they are zooming down the highway.

Directional signs should also be easy to read, so use a plain type font.

Think about your customers and the information they need when they visit your business, as well as the information you want them to know about your products, upcoming events, etc.

Your signage is one more way to get important messages across to your visitors.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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