Hiring for Emotional Intelligence

e_T4Q6892 low-res -c bw sWhen you are hiring hospitality staff, it’s important to hire those who show that they have emotional intelligence (EI). They should not only be able to express and control their own emotions, but also to have the ability to understand and respond to customers’ and coworkers’ emotions.

According to an article by John Rossheim (2013), interest in emotional intelligence has been important for some time. However, what’s new is the incorporation of an evaluation of emotional intelligence into the employee selection process.

Here are some of the things (according to Rossheim) you need to look for:

  • Select candidates who are honest about themselves, for example, ask the candidate to explain one of their weaknesses and what they do to overcome that weakness.
  • Introduce the candidate to other staff and see how they get along. Let them work with the company for a few days (with pay, of course) before you give them a definite answer to whether they will be joining the company.
  • You want new staff members to collaborate with co-workers to provide customers with the best experience, not just to get jobs done. An individual who thinks of himself or herself as a star who is indispensable may not get along well with other staff.

Some of the other signs that may signal that a person is not sensitive or considerate of others could be:

  • Talking negatively about others with whom they have worked;
  • Not seeming interested or prepared;
  • Not treating others with respect.

You may also want to assess the candidates level of enthusiasm:

  • Does the person have a passion for this type of work?
  • Ask for a story about how the solved a customer’s problem at another position they held;
  • Is the person able to control stressful or difficult situation?

There are so many questions you can ask, not only about EI but also about how they will fit with the culture of your company, and much more.

A one-pager of questions is available. If any of you are interested, please drop me a note with your email and I will shoot it off to you.

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One comment on “Hiring for Emotional Intelligence

  1. Karyn Howard Smith says:


    Another great blog. Thanks. I would love the list of questions. Thanks!

    Karyn Howard Smith

    Events & Marketing Coordinator

    RayLen Vineyards & Winery

    3577 US Hwy 158

    Mocksville, NC 27028



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