A Few Tips On How To Increase Your Sales

I have been reading some research on buying habits lately.  There was a study done by the Yale School of Management that is very interesting. There is so much we don’t consider going on in the minds of our visitors.  For example it’s estimated that 40% of consumers change their minds at the point of purchase because of something they see, learn or do during the interaction.

That is a big chunk of business to lose because of the experience in the tasting room.

It could be something as simple as the fact that the tasting room is too crowded with merchandise, or they weren’t greeted as they came in the door, or the bathrooms are not as tidy as they would like. It could be that the tasting room staff didn’t give them the information they wanted or needed, or that they didn’t learn something that would make them want to purchase the product.

Conversely, 40% of people deciding to buy at the point of purchase, who had not considered purchasing when they walked into the winery, can mean a tremendous increase in sales.

The key to success comes back to learning more about your customers, what they want and need to learn to make a decision to purchase rather than not to purchase. As well as being aware of what they will see when they visit your winery and what they will do when they interact with your staff.

Think about the things you can do and say that will make your wines and your winery stand out from all the other wineries that they might visit that day. Create an experience that they will encourage them to return and with which they will want to regale their friends. Also think about the number of people that visit your winery throughout the year and what a difference it would make to your bottom line if only ten percent more of them purchased your wine.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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