Staffing Up

As we come into spring, most wineries are preparing to hire seasonal hospitality employees to fill tasting and retail rooms and staff events. These people become the face and voice of your winery and, in many cases, are the only people who work for the winery that visitors will ever meet. For that reason it’s important that your hospitality employees receive the training that will allow them to better serve your customers.

Naturally it’s important that seasonal employees are familiar with your wines and other products and know how to operate the cash register. Often times this information constitutes the bulk of their education, though much more training is needed for them to represent your winery.

Tell new hires about your winery’s vision and goals, the level of service you want to customers to receive, the story of the winery and the messages you want conveyed to every customer. It’s also important to provide sales training, presenting specifics on how you want your wine to be sold, whether it is wine, wine club memberships or gift items.

Another important task for all staff members is to ask for contact information, especially from those people who purchase wine.

Hold regular staff meetings with a training component and if it’s feasible assign a mentor for each new staff member. Though be sure your mentors are telling the right stories. In fact, before your full time employees can be assigned as mentors, give them a written or oral quiz on the information you expect them to know. It’s easy for things to get confused in our minds, and you don’t want the mentors presenting incorrect information.

For anyone who wants it, I have a one-sheet on the baselines of customer service and will be happy to email the piece to anyone who would like it. Just drop me a line, and I will send it on its way.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


3 comments on “Staffing Up

  1. Katie Shawcross says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I would love the one-sheet on the baselines of customer service. We are a little understaffed going into the busy season and could use any help to make sure we’re doing it right.


    Katie Shawcross

    RayLen Vineyards & Winery


  2. I would also love the one-sheet on the baselines of customer service!

    Julia Povolny
    Attimo Winery

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    I would really appreciate if you would send to me the one-sheet on baselines of customer service.

    Thank you for all the information you share with us

    Wendy Rossiter Skinner
    Cast Wines

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