Thoughts Between Conferences: Wine Business Will Keep Growing in the Coming Years

As the middle of winter is travel season for me, I haven’t been home much of late. I just got back from the Texas Grape and Wine Conference and leave for the Cold Climate Conference in Minnesota today.

One thing that is evident is the increase in wineries throughout North America. I was talking to a friend while at the Midwest conference about the continued increase in the number of wineries and he was of the opinion that it has to slow down soon. I don’t think so. I believe that we will continue to see an increase in the number of wineries throughout the U.S. and Canada in the coming years.

Wine is a passion for people and owning a commercial winery is a dream for many. So while fulfilling the dream it’s also important to put everything in place to ensure that the winery is grounded with a solid business plan and the knowledge to make it successful.

As the competition in the beverage industries grows, it’s not only the number of wineries that are increasing, there’s also an exponential rise in the number of craft breweries and distilleries that are competing in the consumer beverage market. There is a rise in imported wines from all parts of the world, with more land being turned over to grape growing, and more wineries being built.

Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in wine, as there are more local wines for them to try. That’s the good news. Your job, in addition to making great wine, is to make sure that the business is running efficiently, that you are hiring and training the right staff, marketing well, having a clear sales strategy and keeping your name out there.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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