Sometimes Things Are Too Close To Be Seen

We are so involved with our business and products that we don’t always take advantage of the opportunities that are right in front of us. For example, using aspects of our business or name to connect customers more closely with our business.

Recently I was in Wisconsin for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Conference, which also included grapes and wine, to speak on Direct-To-Consumer Management and Tasting Room Management. While presenting one of the workshops, a winery owner in the audience asked me a question. He gave me his name and the name of his winery, which is Parallel 44. After I had answered his question, we were talking about rewards/case/wine clubs and I was relating the benefits of sending a small gift to club members (if it’s not against the laws in your state to do so). I asked the owner of Parallel 44 if he offers a gift to people who visit his winery 44 times, explaining that would be a good reason for people to give him their contact information (name, email, address, phone, etc.). He said no he didn’t do that, but he thought the idea had some merit.

It got me to thinking about other opportunities that businesses might be missing that would help them bring customers back to the business more often. So take a look at your name, any proprietary product names or other things that you might be missing that could be used to give customers reasons to visit and purchase more frequently.

By instituting this program, Parallel 44 will have the opportunity to track people, how much they are visiting and how much they are spending. Customers will make sure that the winery personnel know when they visit, so they can be credited for the visit. Parallel 44 can remind them every so often of how any visits they have made. The winery may also add in something special when they reach a certain number of visits to encourage people to get to 44 visits.  When you start thinking about it, the ideas are endless.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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