5 Steps In Making Decisions to Purchase: Step 5 – Assessing The Decision After The Sale

Most businesses are looking for long-term customers. Consumers who will buy from them repeatedly over the course of their lifetimes are the ultimate goal. That’s the reason companies have to be aware that, after the sale has been made, there is always the chance that the customer may regret the decision s/he has made. After buying the product (sometimes before it is even used) the customer may compare it with their expectations and is either satisfied or dissatisfied with their decision. These feelings of pleasure or discontent with the purchase will affect the purchaser’s perception of the overall value, as well as their repeat business and the reviews they pass along to their friends and family.

These reasons make it important that you stay in contact with the buyer after the purchase is made. The added contact helps build the relationship between your buyers and your company. It’s especially important when larger purchases are made. We want to remind the consumer of how the decision to buy will benefit them in different ways.

A hand written note is well received and confirms for the buyer that they made the right decision. Even a follow up email that is personalized to that buyer can do the trick. I suggest that follow up after wine club shipments will help club members retain their membership longer. You don’t have to follow up with each member after every shipment but if you follow up every few months with a quick email or phone call, to ask them if they are receiving their shipments in good order, they will become even more loyal to the club.

When consumers buy, the icing on the cake for them is knowing that the company they purchased from appreciates their business. Making sure that happens will bring you a longer list of long-term and loyal customers.

A tip of the glass from me to you!

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