5 Steps In Making Decisions to Purchase – Step 4: Making The Decision

Once consumers have finished evaluating their alternatives they move on to actually confirming that they are going to buy. At this stage the process may be broken down into three parts.

First, consumers decide they want/need the product from the particular seller. They have taken into experience how the product will benefit them, the price, the return policy and the satisfaction with their previous experiences with the merchant, if they have bought from the company before.

They also decide when and where they will buy the product, possibly deciding to buy online or to into the retail store, or order by phone. They may be influenced by the store’s atmosphere, time pressure, a special price or prior positive experience. Getting people into your retail shop or tasting room gives you a better chance to increase the sale, and providing each customer with a positive experience will encourage them to do their shopping in person. This gives you the opportunity to connect them more closely with your brand and your company.

During this stage of their decision-making, they may also be making the decision not to buy. This choice may be influenced by negative feelings, possibly to the attitude of the employee helping them, the price of the item, or the atmosphere in the retail store. Consumers’ decisions to buy or not to buy can be in limbo until the final moment of purchase.

There are times when most of us have been ready to buy a product and decided at the last minute not to purchase from a particular store or company because of the way we are treated.

Even once the sale is done, we are still not totally out of the woods. Next week’s blog will focus on the final step, which is the evaluation of the decision once the purchase is made.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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