Making Buying Decisions – Step Three

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and that this new year has wonderful things in store for you. I am looking forward to a very good year.

Continuing on from last year, in today’s blog we are discussing the third step in how we make decisions to buy. We have discussed the first two steps:

1.  Recognizing the Problem

2.  Searching for Information

Step three is the time when consumers start evaluating the alternatives that are available to them. Whether they are standing in front of you at the tasting bar, in a store, looking at your website or seeing an advertisement for your product in a magazine, if the information has interested them they will start to compare and contrast the benefits and values of your product with similar products they have bought in the past.

The questions they are asking themselves (sometimes consciously, sometimes not) may revolve around how your product will satisfy their wants or needs based on any number of criteria including price, quality, easy of purchase, or even how impressed their friends will be when they serve this wine to them.

As you can see, a consumer’s evaluation of the criteria may represent both the objective attributes of your brand, such as the foods your wine may be paired with, and the subjective factors, such as the prestige that serving the wine will bring them. Once they have these criteria, the consumers have a set of products that are shown to be appropriate in meeting their wants, needs and desires.

Remember that purchasing is an emotional decision as much as an intellectual one and subject to our biases. Most of us are more willing to gather facts or information that support conclusions that we already agree with, rather than those we don’t. So it’s up to us, as a company, to present information that will trigger positive emotional reactions, as well as intellectual ones. In short, don’t only present the facts let consumers know how using your product will make them feel.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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