Searching for Reasons to Buy

In the second part of my five-blog series on making buying decisions, I am writing about how most visitors to your winery identify their options for purchasing.

There are many ways that people research their options for purchasing products. Imagine a number of these ways being organized in the consumers’ brains as they are standing in front of your tasting counter. As consumers, the visitor may use all or some of the following:

Your visitors may start by thinking about any previous experiences they have had when buying your particular product or a product or brand that is similar. If they have had a positive similar experience, just this step may be enough for your visitor to make a buying decision.

If they have made, what they consider to be, a bad decision regarding this type of product in the past, it will take more that checking their memory banks to commit to the purchase.

So they will go further. Perhaps they will solicit the opinions of friends or family, who are with them at the winery or think back to something they have read or seen about your products.

They may even look at any information such as testimonials, ads or reviews of your wine that you have in your tasting room. And, most importantly, listen to what the tasting room employees have to say about the wine and how these employees help them relate to the product and make it important in their lives.

This is the same process used with most buying decisions, unless they are familiar with your product and know that it is a good thing for them. Take a look at your website, emails, marketing and collateral materials for information that will make it easier for readers to start making a positive buying decision before they get to your winery.

Ten words that help consumers internalize how buying your product will have a positive impact on their lives, is more important than 100 words on the scientific methods of making wine for most consumers (that can come later).

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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