Follow Up With Customers

It takes time, money and effort to bring people into your tasting room and show them a top-notch experience. So why is it, that many times when I am in a tasting room and purchase wine no one asks me for my contact information? Obviously this means that you can’t contact me and encourage me to buy again. The chances of me purchasing again without any direct encouragement from the winery are slim, though if I am reminded of my visit and what a good time I had, there is a much stronger chance that I will buy again.

When someone buys wine, whether it’s two bottles or a case, make it standard operating procedure that you get contact information, an email address, a phone number, a street address or even their Facebook page.

If you are going to follow up, follow up quickly. An email, a thank you note, telling them that you’re glad they stopped by for a visit and you look forward to seeing them again, should go out within three days. You can, if you wish, include an email coupon to be redeemed with their next order, or some other incentive to encourage them to make another purchase or bring them back to the winery.

If they purchased six or more bottles of wine, send the visitor a hand written thank you note signed by the person who poured for them. It doesn’t have to be long and you can have three or four different short notes from which your employees can choose. The process is quicker if the employee doesn’t have to come up with the content each time. However, if the employee knows of something that happened during the visit or remembers something about the visitors they can include, even better.

A customer record needs to be created and added to every time a visit or transaction occurs. These days your CRM system may do this automatically. Any additional personal information can also be added to the record, a birthday, anniversary, children’s or pets’ names, etc. Of course you should have a record of what they buy, when they buy and if they attend events. As they say, “Knowledge is Power.”

Put more time into tracking and corresponding with everyone who buys from you – it will build sales and your customer list.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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