What Gift Items Should Your Winery Carry?

The great majority of wineries carry gift items and I can understand why. Gift and non- wine items are beneficial to wineries:

  •             A positive influence on bottom line profitability;
  •             An additional reason for consumers to visit your winery;
  •             Mementos that remind consumers of wineries they have visited and liked.

These are just a few of the reasons why wineries want to carry items in addition to wine.  Gift items may bring in local people to buy holiday gifts or displays for their holiday dinner tables, as well as wine for their meals, and they can add interest and color to your winery.

Think about the types of gift items you want to have in your winery. Do you have a theme (such as cooking or gardening), do you want items that are fun and whimsical, wine related tools, or glassware, or logo items? All these can be good choices that suit that image of the winery, the perception you are trying to present to the public, and will reinforce your brand.

It is always important to create the right balance between the wine and the gift items.

It’s also important to assess how you want consumers to visualize who you are. This is important not only for gift items but also if you serve food or have other attractions that may entice consumers to visit. Do you want to be seen as a restaurant that serves wine or as a winery that serves food? Focus on your vision and stay true to that vision of how you want your winery and your brand to be perceived. Serve food that works well with your wine and select gift items that connect people with your wine, the brand and the image of your winery.

A tip of the glass from me to you!



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