Communication Is Not That Easy!

Are you communicating well with visitors and customers in your business? So much of the time we think we are, but the customers and visitors may not be of the same mind.

As George Bernard Shaw said,

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has already taken place.”

In most wineries the goals and objectives are to create long-term customers who connect with the brand, the winery and the people; customers who purchase wine, join the wine club, attend events and introduce friends and family to the winery.

How we communicate with them in all areas; through social media, the website and emails, printed pieces, over the phone and in person at the winery and outside events needs thought and planning. Your communication plan needs to be clearly thought out, put in writing and followed.

Do you have a written communication plan? For example:

•  Core messages you want customers and prospects to know about your company, your brand, your people. Make a list on two or three core messages, one of which will always be included in whatever you are sending out.

•  Create a timeline for focused messages, such as wine that is being released, an event that is coming up, or reminding customers about the benefits of your wine club. You want to promote these things early, as consumers have lots to do besides thinking about your winery, and they need time to plan.

•  A release schedule for information, no matter how that information is released (on the website, through emails, social media, print, etc.) – it should be scheduled for the most opportune times.

•  A list of important points that are to be presented to visitors and customers who come to the winery. Not too many points, you want to leave time for questions and for the visitors to talk, too.

• Create a flow of integrated information, all of which builds on the information you have already disseminated.

It may be to late for this year, as it’s already the end of June and I am still noticing that summer and fall events are not posted on many winery websites. Thinking about this and making notes now will get you ready for next year.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


2 comments on “Communication Is Not That Easy!

  1. Lynda Burd says:

    Great advice and reminders!! It’s 99 degrees here today and climbing! But, it’s a DRY heat….ha! Hugs! [?] [?] Lynda

  2. We are heading towards the same kind of weather here. Yesterday and the day before it was raining hard most of the day, so I am thinking for a couple of days we will have heat and humidity. Have a happy 4th of July (which being British I mostly ignore).

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