A Wedding Reception on Facebook? Really!

A first for me today: I opened a Facebook email while sitting in Atlanta Airport waiting for the plane I was supposed to be taking to Richmond, VA for Wineries Unlimited to be fixed (it never was), and found that I had been invited to a Facebook wedding reception. The subject line (names changed to protect everyone) said, Susan invites you to Susan and Sam’s wedding reception on Facebook.

Was it a prank? Possibly not, I knew some of the people on the list of attendees.

What exactly is a Facebook wedding reception? Do I sit at home with a glass of sparkling wine and a cupcake and toast the happy bride and groom? Should I get dressed up? Am I on the hook for a gift, or can I just put a picture of a gift on Facebook?

A day later, finally at Wineries Unlimited and had the chance to investigate further the Facebook wedding reception. I found out that it was a Facebook invitation to a wedding reception, rather than the event being held on Facebook. I was mistaken, though I rather like the idea of a Facebook reception.

It just goes to show how easy it is to get hold of the wrong end of the stick. We don’t always read things the way the person who sent the email or other missive intended us to.

Before you send the document, walk away from it for a while (even a few minutes) and then take one more look before clicking “send”.


One comment on “A Wedding Reception on Facebook? Really!

  1. Lynda Burd says:

    Amen! [?]

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