A Few Thoughts on Wine Labels

Your label is a front line marketing tool. It presents who you are as a business and as a product to people who, because of the label, will buy or not buy your wine.

Before you start creating or re-creating your label and before you bring a lot of other people into the process, give some thought to the type of label you want. Think too about where the wine is going to be sold. Is it primarily through the tasting or retail room, or is it going to be on store shelves, with dozens of other wines? A label that stands out when it has no competition from other labels may well be lost on a store shelf.

Research labels, the color, the shape, the typography. Find labels that you like and take the time to think about what attracts you to these labels. Do they have common elements that you find appealing and can incorporate into your label? Are they similar colors and is there a specific shape that draws your eye? When you understand the elements that you find attractive, take that information to your label designer.

Also talk to the label designer about your wants and needs. You should consider if you are looking for a label that will evolve over time, or if this wine will just be around for a couple of years.

Most importantly, find a label designer or graphic artist who is not only a competent artist/designer but one who also knows about business. While someone you know or are related to may be a great artist, they may not know a lot about the business of designing to sell or to be noticed. Find the person who is right for your business.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


One comment on “A Few Thoughts on Wine Labels

  1. Lynda Burd says:

    Like, like, like, hug, hug, hug! [?]

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