Get Pleasure from the Small Things

You have to love today’s date, 12.12.12.  I am taking great delight in this date, especially as it’s the last time all the numbers are the same that I will see in my lifetime. Not to be maudlin but the chances of me living to see 2100 are exceedingly slight. So I am savoring today, as this is only one of twelve times that this has happened in my lifetime and the last one at that.

I want to do something special today. I thought of taking the day off, but that’s not practical, though I am going to give myself a treat, perhaps lunch out or a walk through the park. This year has been a tough year and I often forget to celebrate the small things that make life a little more exciting. For some reason, this is one of the small treats that for me make life interesting. Even though it’s just another day.

So, as you are working today and talking to people who come into your businesses, remind them of the date and that not everyone gets to experience this in their lifetime.

Raise your glass (with something non-alcoholic of course, if you are working) and toast the date, 12.12.12.  We won’t see it again for another 100 years.


One comment on “Get Pleasure from the Small Things

  1. Karyn Howard says:

    Great suggestion. Last year, on 11/11/11, I wore a cocktail dress to work. It was fun and the customers seemed to like it. I hope you enjoyed your treat.

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