Louis Pasteur Was Right!

Chance favors the prepared mind” – said Louis Pasteur. This is another one of my favorite quotes. Of course in my line of work being prepared is essential. There is nothing like standing up in front of a large or small audience to make you want to be certain that you have mitigated the chance of making a total idiot of yourself. After all we are going to make errors, so the more prepared you are – the less chance that the mistakes will be serious. So leave as little to chance as you can. To quote the Boy Scouts: “Be Prepared!”

Being prepared also allows us to recognize opportunities when they come along (quite by chance). And being prepared allows us to take advantage of these same pportunities when someone else may not be able to.

In the winery being prepared may mean that you’ve already outlined the press release or email you will send out when one of your wines gets 106 points in the Wine Spectator. So, when it actually happens, you’re able to push something out to your best customers and the press in record time. In the same way the news outlets have obituaries of famous people written well before they leave us.

Being prepared means also being aware of things that could happen and having a contingency plan. For those of us who live in earthquake country, tornado country or hurricane country, what’s the plan if this natural disaster were to strike and visitors are stuck at the winery? Which employees know CPR and First Aid? There should always be someone there who does. Send key staff through CPR & First Aid training. Of course, there will be plenty of wine to drink (as long as the bottles haven’t all been broken) but to paraphrase someone, “Man can not live by wine alone.” So, organize a plan!

A tip of the glass from me to you!


2 comments on “Louis Pasteur Was Right!

  1. Tom Gorton says:

    I had to chime in and say, you’re absolutely right, E! At my prior Tasting Room gig, we had more than one instance where CPR training came in handy and my Tasting Room staff knew exactly what to do… but it was because we prepared for it!
    This is part of Tasting Room ops that could easily be forgotten… but in the Tasting Room business, you need to be prepared for this.

    • Tom, Thanks for the comment. Louis Pasteur’s quote is one of my favorites. If we want to take advantage of opportunities and the times when emergency treatment is needed we had better be prepared. These days though with life being as busy as it is we don’t always have time for as much preparation as we would like.

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