We all make mistakes, big ones, small ones and every size in between.   If we’re lucky they go unnoticed but that doesn’t happen too often.  If they happen at the winery in front of visitors you do have to rectify your error. Whether you misspoke, rolled your eyes, treated someone less than politely, poured visitors the wrong wine or worse, still spilled wine all over them – you need to apologize as quickly and as sincerely as possible.

The thing we shouldn’t do is to pretend the mistake never happened. That’s what we do when someone else (especially a visitor) makes a mistake. I have found that when I make a mistake in the midst of presenting a workshop, if I admit my mistake and correct it or laugh at myself the audience is more than willing to forgive me.

I had the good fortune to make a very large mistake early in my life. When I was in college I worked part time on the order desk of a chemical company. By mistake I sent a truck and trailer load of the wrong chemical to a large tire company. They had to close down the plant for a couple of days. It was a very expensive mistake and I was mortified. Though when the vice president came in and asked who did it, I immediately admitted it. Amazingly enough he didn’t fire me. I am still not sure why.

Would I rather not have made that huge error when I was younger? Yes I would! Was I traumatized for quite some time? Yes I was! Though I have come to realize that it was a good thing (well for me at least).

The great thing about making a mistake that big early in life is that, short of killing someone (which I don’t intend to do), there is not much that I can do that will be worse than that. Since then, it has left me free to make lots of mistakes. And let me tell you – I have taken full advantage of that option.

Admit your mistakes, correct your mistakes, if you can, laugh at your mistakes and keep moving forward.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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