How Does Your Retail Area Make Visitors Feel?

Color has a big impact on people. How does your retail area make visitors feel? Colors make people feel differently and react in different ways. The reactions are not always what you would expect. For example, often yellow is described as warm or cheerful, yet yellow is also the most tiring color to the eye because of the high amount of reflected light. It can also create irritability and anger and babies are known to cry more in yellow rooms.

So, before you start painting your retail room or redesigning your label, think about how people react to the different colors and how colors can affect their buying patterns. I have listed a few of the emotions and attributes linked to different colors.

Red               Excitement, strength, sex, passion, anger, speed, danger, hunger, warmth

Blue*            Trust, reliability, belonging, coolness, tranquility, appetite suppression

Yellow          Warmth, sunshine, cheerfulness, happiness, wisdom, optimism

Orange          Playful, warm, vibrant, confident, adventuresome, improves mental clarity

Green            Nature, fresh, cool, growth, contentment, abundance, soothing

Purple           Royalty, spirituality, dignity

Pink                Soft, sweet, nurturing, promotes security

White             Pure, virginal, clean, youthful, mild, stable

Black              Sophistication, elegance, seduction, mystery, stability

Gold               Prestigious, expensive

Silver             Prestigious, cold, scientific, aloof

Blue is the favorite color for the largest percentage of people in the United States . Shown below is a breakdown of the popularity of colors.

Blue: 44%       Green: 12%     Red: 11%         Black: 4%         Purple/Violet: 4%          Brown: 3%

Pink/Rosé: 3%      Beige/Tan: 2% White: 2%        Grey: 2%          Yellow: 2%       Mauve: 2%
Fuchsia: 2%     Maroon: 2%

There’s a lot more to learn about color and how if affects consumer purchases, so look for future blogs on color and its effects on consumers.


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