What Marketing Topics Are You Most Interested In?

As usual I am getting ahead of myself. While most of you are thinking about harvesting grapes, making wine and how busy the tasting room is going to be, my mind if filled with thoughts of trade shows and conferences that will be taking place in the short days of winter.

I will be speaking at a few conferences next year, which I really look forward to. I am also working with Vineyard & Wine Management to create marketing topics and source speakers for the Midwest Grape and Wine Conference and Wineries Unlimited. So I’d like to throw a question or two out to you:

  • What marketing topics are you most interested in, while you are at the trade shows next winter or spring?
  • What are your challenges and what opportunities do you think you are missing?

Also, while I am thinking about it, have you seen a speaker who is knowledgeable and a good speaker? If you do, please send me their name and email.

You may reply to this blog or drop me an email at E@inshortmarketing.com.  When you reply also let me know, please, the general location of your winery. Are you in the Midwest, East, Southeast, West, etc.? Especially if there is something specific to your area that you would like to see addressed.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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