A Few Kind Words Can Make Anyone’s Day

I presented a workshop to a winery in Napa, earlier this year, and reminded them that sending hand written postcards or notes to people after they visited was a good way to build customer relationships. I was recently told by the winery’s Director of Hospitality that the staff had taken to doing so with some enthusiasm but that it was hard to sustain that, over time.

Recently one of the hosts, received a hand-written and quite lovely note from someone he had taken on a tour, along with her brother and some visitors from New York. It was a particularly successful tour and the note was full of thank yous and praise for his warm hosting, a truly memorable experience.

The host became very quiet after reading the note and said to the Director, “This must be what it feels like when a guest receives a post card from me.” He began smiling, and that evening the Director noticed a stack of postcards in the host’s handwriting headed out the door. Nearly every day since there has been a stack of postcards.

What a delightful story! Think about how you feel when visitors take the time to send you a note telling you what a pleasure it was to meet you and how they enjoyed their visit. Imagine in these days of minimal positive customer service how surprised and delighted visitors to your winery will be when a note or postcard appears in the mail a few days later, telling them how much you enjoyed your time with them.

If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to increase sales and build loyal customers, a hand written note or postcard works wonders. Also, if you send them a postcard with a picture of your winery on the front, they can show it to their friends and bring you more visitors.

A tip of the glass from me to you!



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