Is There a Doctor in the House?

I went in for a routine doctor’s appointment the other day. This is only my second visit to this doctor’s office so I don’t know the doctor or the staff at all well. I arrived (15 minutes early as had been requested), gave them my name and sat in the waiting room until 10 minutes after my appointment time. There were only two other people in the waiting room when I arrived – and as this is an office that has about six doctors. I wasn’t expecting to wait.

When my name was called I was weighed (good news it was less than last time) and my blood pressure taken (more good news, despite my being in the doctor’s office it was normal). I was then taken into a room and told that the doctor would be in shortly.

There I sat, for a whole hour. No doctor and no one to tell me that the doctor would or would not be along. Nothing. Just sitting in a drab examining room (thank goodness I had my book). After an hour I got up, went to the front desk and told them I could not wait any longer as I had another appointment (which I did).

All that was needed was for someone to pop their head around the door and tell me what was happening. It’s that simple: just let me know what’s going on, and what to expect. I understand that sometimes things happen. I don’t understand the lack of regard for me or my time.

The same is true in tasting rooms; just like in doctors’ offices some of the people you see may not be that comfortable because they haven’t been to a winery before. Let them know what to expect. Describe the process before you start and let them know how much fun the visit is going to be. If they seem a bit nervous, help them relax.

I haven’t yet decided whether I will be finding a new doctor or going back to the first one. Just like tasting rooms there are lots of doctors to choose from. If we want people’s business we have to treat them as if we do.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


2 comments on “Is There a Doctor in the House?

  1. Karyn says:

    This is a good reminder that not everyone is as well versed in the Tasting Room. As staffers, we often forget because it’s every day for us. We once had a couple that thought a tasting was more like being seated at a restaurant and they sat waiting for some time on a busy Saturday before a staff member discovered them. After some confusion, the staff was able to help the customers through the process. (PS I wouldn’t go back to this doctor – no respect for your time, but demands you respect his/hers.)

    • What a good anecdote. May I use it as an example? It really underscores the point that we don’t know what people expect. I think I will be looking for a new doctor. Mostly because I am surprised that they have no procedures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen. E

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