Can Your Employees Afford to Drink Your Wine?

Henry Ford’s philosophy regarding paying his workers more money than his competitors proved beneficial to him in many ways. He maintained a workforce of superior mechanics who were loyal and committed to the company. These employees stayed with the company for many years, thereby cutting down costs that come with constant turnover. He also benefited from his workers also being his customers. Paying people more enabled Ford’s workers to afford the cars they were producing, which was good for Ford and good for the economy.

Wine prices have risen dramatically over the years, and even with a substantial discount it can take employees a few hours of after tax pay to purchase the wine they are regularly pouring and hopefully selling.

Do they have the option to try all the wines? Not just at a tasting at the winery but at home. An employee who is selling from personal experience is a strong motivator for visitors to purchase. Consider giving employees two bottles of every new release wine to take home with them. Ask them to have one with dinner, so they know first hand how the wine goes with different types of food. At a staff meeting take a few minutes to talk about the wine and what they served it with. The other bottle is for them to share with friends.  Do employees get a certain number of bottles of cases per year? Or is wine used as a reward when they meet sales or wine club membership goals?

We talk regularly about creating evangelists and ambassadors for our brand – and with good reason. People who are connected with wineries do a huge amount to promote these wineries. There are no better evangelists and ambassadors that the people who work for the winery. So make sure that your employees know the products and are your biggest supporters.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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