Take A Busman’s Holiday

(Spend a day wine tasting)

Think back on the last few times you went out tasting. If you haven’t been out lately, it’s high time you did. So grab a friend and take a day to sample other people’s wine and see how their hospitality and service stack up. You might also treat yourself to lunch while you’re out there after all you are working. If possible, visit wineries where you are not known so that you are treated just like any other visitor. Don’t tell them that you’re in the wine business until you have to (to get your inter-winery discount). If you are known at all the wineries, observe how other visitors are treated.

It’s a big help to know what other wineries are doing and how you measure up against them. You also can evaluate the experience – was it in any way different from the norm? Were staff members cheerful and interested in you? Did they gain your trust? Did you buy anything? And if you did, was it because someone encouraged you to do so, or did you just decide you liked the wine enough to purchase?

There is so much to learn from visiting other wineries. These winery visits not only allow you to weight up the competition, they also allow you to see what you are doing right or what you may need to change.

Make notes of the things you liked and the things you didn’t and take an objective look at your winery hospitality and service, and see how they compare.

Have a great day and come back with lots of new ideas.

A tip of the glass from me to you!



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