Creating Memories and Adding Value

I talk sometimes about adding value to your visitors’ experiences at the wineries. Adding value can be done very simply. As the winery is our place of work, we sometimes forget what a beautiful or relaxing place the winery is. A trip out to the wineries can do a lot to rejuvenate and relax visitors. A day spent wine tasting can do as much for them as a week’s holiday and that adds value to the wine.

If you have a beautiful view, take a moment to point it out to visitors and give them a little time just to drink it in. Create that feeling of being connected with the rhythms of nature and the land.

Take some time yourself to walk around and remember how you felt when you saw the property for the first time. Give some thought to the things that are around you that will add value to the experience.

If you are in an urban setting, what are the elements that will make you remarkable to visitors? The excitement of being in town, with people flowing past the window. The oasis that visitors may find when they walk into your tasting room.

When visitors remark to you how beautiful it is at your winery, agree with them and remind them that they can recapture this memory when they are enjoying a glass of your wine at home. Offer to take a picture of them to commemorate their visit.

So take a minute or two to relax and appreciate what your winery has to offer. Adding value can be as easy as encouraging visitors to take in the view.

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