The Keys To Success – All In One Place

If you haven’t signed up for Winery DIY, May 9th at the Napa Marriott, now’s the time.

This one-day conference gives wineries the tools needed to become even more successful. Not only does the conference include four great sessions, presented by smart and knowledgeable speakers, all of whom are very successful, it finishes off with a Reidel glass seminar – and you get to keep the glasses!  Included also are a select group of exhibitors. Check it out at


Session One

Hammer Out Your Messaging

Elizabeth Slater – In Short Direct Marketing


Session How To:

Measure the effectiveness of your messaging

Create consistent messaging through all mediums

Focus on messages that will make consumers stop…internalize…take action


Session Two

Nail Down Profits in All DTC Sales

Stephen Pirak – J Vineyards & Winery

Allison Stuart – B Wise Vineyards

Spencer Brewer – Mendocino Wine Company


Session How To:

Create value instead of discounting

Use value to create connection and encourage sales in every way.


Session Three

The Nuts & Bolts of Selling during Events

Aura Bland – St. Francis Winery & Vineyards

Colleen Dray – Round Pond

Kathy Magner – Robert Mondavi Winery


Session How To:

Develop a blueprint for all your events

Create the specifics for individual events including goals & sales projections

Stand out from the crowd

Keep customers satisfied, happy and connected


Session Four

Build an Extraordinary Team

John Springer – Four Winds


Session How To:

Find the right personalities to make up your team

Build current and new employees into a strong team

Keep the team energized and focused


Session Five

Reidel Glass Seminar

Glasses that bring out the best in the wine.


Come to learn during sessions, come to network with other attendees, come to see what exhibitors have for you and come to socialize with old and new friends!

Check it out at


See you on May 9th!


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