Making Every Word Count

I saw a commercial on the TV, the other day, for a carpet cleaning service. After the carpet had been cleaned, the woman in the commercial said, “The carpet was impeccable.

While the word was technically correct, I thought another word would have been more appropriate.

I think of the word impeccable as meaning neat and tidy rather than clean.  “The carpet was impeccable” just doesn’t sound right somehow.

So why do I care about a word in a TV commercial?

Because I frequently see the same thing happening in winery communications. Technically, the words used are correct, though another words would have been better in creating an emotional response.

Using the right words creates visuals in the minds of recipients and can be strong motivators, causing readers to take action. This action could be attending an event, joining a wine club or picking up the phone to order a case of wine. So it’s well worth the time to find exactly the right words to create the impact you want.  Remember: to achieve the results you want, focus on the impact, not on the task.

Make sure, too, that you have all the pertinent information needed for the piece. The number of “OOPS!” postcards I receive always surprises me. For example:

Oops: The date of the event should be…

Oops:  The cost for the event is…

One suggestion is: while you write the piece yourself, send it out to be professionally edited. Keep in mind the importance of having everything connected with your winery and wines at the same quality level as the products. You want every piece that goes out to be perfect.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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