Millennials, Xers and Boomers… Oh My!

As I travel to different parts of the country to present workshops at conferences I have noticed that a topic that comes up regularly is the Millennial generation and how to create a good experience for these young wine drinkers.

While there are different things we can do and different ways we may communicate with Millennials, the basics of service remain the same. Whether your visitors are Millennials, Gen Xers or Boomers, there are certain things they expect. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Treat people well, no matter what their age

Show an interest in all people who come to your winery. Ask them questions. Find out about their wine drinking habits and whether wine is a big part of their life.

  • Assume that every person who walks through the door is interesting

People are very intuitive and they know when you are not very interested in them.  Make it your mission to find out what is interesting about each person you come into contact with when you’re in the tasting room.

  • Be open and ready to help

A smile goes a long way in increasing a visitor’s comfort level when s/he walks into the tasting room, especially with first time customers.

  • Be respectful

Assume that every person is going to buy and is going to become a wine club member.  And give them the emotiona reasons that will make them want to purchase.

  • Above all… have fun!

Remember that we’re in the wine business, one of the most fascinating industries on the planet. So unless visitors tell you otherwise, entertain them and enjoy yourself, at the same time.

A tip of the glass from me to you!


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