The Perfect Cup of Tea

As many of you know, I’m British and because of that I very much value a good cup of tea. Now, getting a good cuppa in the United States can be difficult. With the propensity towards lawsuits, restaurants are cautious about giving customers hot water. The water is usually tepid. Also, I can’t tell you the number of times I have been reminded not to scald myself. I have been drinking tea for many decades and am proud to say that I have never once scalded myself and am not about to start now.

Last Saturday I was at my favorite breakfast spot and the waitress came by to refill my teapot. Before picking it up she asked me, “Do you like the water really hot?” I answered that I did. When she returned she told me that she had filled the teapot from the Espresso machine, because the water that comes from the machine is much hotter than that from regular pot.

As you can imagine I was thrilled. The tea was delicious (the best cup of tea I’ve had outside my house in some time!) and my pleasure was reflected in the tip I left her. I was impressed by that small attention to detail, which resulted in a very satisfied customer (me). When I’m out drinking tea from now on, I will ask if the establishment has an Espresso machine and if so, if they will get the hot water for my tea from there.

It’s such a small thing but it made a big impression. It should be the same in any retail establishment, including wineries. Attention to the minor details is what makes for very satisfied customers. So think about the small things and improve your service and sales, and make your visitors friends for life.

A sua saude! (To your health!), Portugal


3 comments on “The Perfect Cup of Tea

  1. matt says:

    Neat blog. I’m just getting into tea now. Any suggestions for new types to try? I prefer herbal (weird, I know).

    • Hi Matt, Don’t have lots of info on tea, I am such a traditionalist, black tea 99% of the time (e.g. English Breakfast – not even the Earl for me). Very rarely drink herbal tea at all, although there are some interesting types out there.

  2. RICHARD says:

    Great post, Summer Aug. 26-2012

    Hot water, one of my pet peeves, whenever i complain about the coffee at fourbucks (starbucks chain) not being hot enough, —the clerk looks at me with an expression (best described) as looking like ‘what is hot water’ and the usual comment goes like, the thermomemter says it is so and so degrees, and doesn’t VOLUNTEER anything else. i just let it go, i don’t have ENERGY any more to argue, explain my complaint about HOT WATER. i don’t spend money any more at fourbucks for this KEY reason. THEY do not know what HOT WATER is or anything else about customer complaints. SUNDAY, 8/26 2012.

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