New Year – More Ways to Have Fun While Growing Your Business

Are your New Year business resolutions to sell more and increase the number of long-term, loyal customers while working less and having fun? I know that having fun is high on my list of priorities for 2012. Then again, having fun is usually at the top of my New Year resolutions list.

To support you in your endeavor to sell more I have spent some time over the past few months creating new workshops to help you increase your sales and make your visitors even more eager to return time after time, bringing their friends with them. Enjoying the time spent with your customers will also make it seem as if you are working less. I know it does with me.

The answer is: take one of my personalized seminars and workshops and learn how to please your customers, make your life better and differentiate your business from the others.

The workshops I offer are available in full day or half-day sessions on topics including Sales, Customer Service, Wine Clubs, Events, Direct Marketing, Management, Team Building or Telesales. Longer, or shorter sessions are also available. There are sessions for owners, managers, hospitality directors, tasting rooms and sales teams, all about how to do things – presenting the tools, strategies and tactics needed to get the results you want.

As some of you have expressed an interest in the list of workshops topics I have posted it here. Attached is a .pdf file showing the workshops I am currently presenting. If you are interested in other topics, please let me know. Click here to download Elizabeth’s Workshop Options for 2012

And since we started a new year and some of my new readers may want to be fully connected, here are the ways you can reach me and keep in touch:

Direct phone: 707-836-8730

Direct e-mail:



Twitter: @esavant



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